[NOVEL REVIEW] The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

The title. Yup, that’s what got me the most from this novel. It sounds interesting and, somehow, scientific haha. For someone who still believes in love at first sight, I found the title amusing. It was kinda promising.

So, does the title really represent the story of the novel?

Since I am a fan of the title, I had a pretty huge anticipation and expectation toward the story. Unfortunately, after reading it, I found it a bit disappointing. The title is only one of many ‘taglines’ or quotations worth the citation from the novel.Moreover, it can only be found on page 103, which is already the end of the story. Lesson learned; hoping too much is never good.

This novel written by Jennifer E. Smith offers you a simple, cute and sweet story revolving around Hadley, Oliver and their own families respectively. There are not any unnecessary exaggerated side stories. Everything is depicted and explained proportionally. Everything is just fine.

Though never heard of the author’s masterpiece before, I honestly enjoyed my time reading this novel. The story, as fine as it is, is a bit cliché for an old woman like me haha. Especially when the main characters-Hadley and Oliver, are way younger than me. They are still teenagers! Well, reminiscing my good old teenage days.

I don’t know about other people, but neither when I was 18 nor now, I never meet a boy who willingly brings my suitcase here and there in our first meeting. I haven’t met a boy or a man who is that gentleman, particularly here, in my country haha. So, I can’t relate to the sweet and a bit magical love story between Hadley and Oliver. It was magical, unreal and fast. Despite having different origins (Hadley, the American girl and Oliver, the British boy), it only took 24 hours for them to upgrade their relationship level from completely two strangers to lovers. It was only 24 hours for the story between them to unfold yet they already had three kisses. That was too fast for a woman like me lol. Nevertheless, I still find it cute. Their love story, although much predictable, still triggers me to keep reading the novel until the end. The moment I realized that the story isn’t up to my expectation, and vice versa, I threw away my expectation and rather considered it as a light reading time. It’s the typical reading where you can just enjoy everything without the need to too much thinking.

Aside from Hadley and Oliver’s love story, this novel also provides a bit heavier conflicts regarding their families respectively. Dealing with divorced parents, broken home, cheating father, accepting new mother as well as new father and misunderstanding are, more or less, things mainly brought up in this novel. The depiction of how any trivial things can be so swallowing in those situations is also delivered well for me.  Unfortunately, since I’m fonder of Hadley and Oliver’s story, these heavier conflicts can’t really pull me in. Regardless, the cute and sweet conversation between Hadley and his father is one of my favorites.

To sum up, is this novel worth the reading?

I can say yes, especially when you are in the mood for reading light romance that is a bit cliché. As simple as it is, the story will still be able to stamp on little smiles on your face along your reading. The only disappointment I have is, the title doesn’t represent the story and so doesn’t the story represent the title.

How many stars will you rate this book?

Overall, I could rate this novel 3,5 out of 5 stars. On Goodreads, I saw this novel was rated 3,8 stars. Not that bad.

Will you recommend this to other people?

Probably, but I’m not sure either, haha. It will depend on who I will recommend it to, I guess. Anyway, this novel is pretty much PG rated. So, as long as you told your kids for not allowing strangers to kiss them within 24 hours since they know him/her, then I guess everything will just be fine haha.

How can you get this novel?

Online book stores can always be your easiest option. Or, ask your friends. Who knows one of your friends has this novel haha.

Lastly, be happy always, everyone! 😘

Title of Novel: The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

Author: Jennifer E. Smith

Publisher: Poppy Hachette Book

Number of pages: 108 pages




[NOVEL REVIEW] “After You” by Jojo Moyes (claimed as the long awaited sequel to “Me Before You”)

Good night~ (It’s 10 PM already here)

After spending so much time doing this and that, last holiday, I finally was able to finish one novel. In fact, I already challenged myself to at least read 12 books this year. It’s May and I only finished one, I repeat ONE! hehehe. Okay, let’s start!

So, the novel I read this time is “After You”, the sequel to one of my favorites novel “Me Before You”. This novel itself was originally published in September 2015, but I only knew about this sequel in December last year and only finished reading it in May 2016 haha.

Well, everything was beautiful and impressive and lovely for me in “Me Before You” (later abbreviated as MBY). Thus, when I knew it has a sequel, I looked for the sequel immediately hoping I would get what I got from MBY. If you read MBY, you will know that Will, at the end, regardless what he has for Lou, still decided to end his life. And if you hope that there will be some kind of impossible miracle happened to Will that makes him come back in this novel, then you’ll be disappointed. Well, he does still wander in Lou’s thought tho, and I found it annoying haha.

This novel mainly focuses on how Louisa Clark keeps going with his new life after the downturn she experienced from losing Will. She’s no longer living in Stortfold. She moved to London and lives in a flat from Will’s legacy. She now works as a waitress in an airport bar.

In all honesty, I’m pretty disappointed with Lou I found in this novel. Well, she still has that sarcastic side, which I like best from her, but she is no longer the witty and bright and strong Lou I know in MBY. She is that depressed about Will and lives her life under Will’s shadow along the story of After You. However, Lou’s family is still that amusing and funny family that is worthy to visit.

There are so many new characters introduced in this sequel. Well, it’s inevitable, Lou lives in a new place surrounded with new people. Yet, we will still be persuaded to visit, though not all, old characters we know from MBY. For me personally, I think that there are too much characters involved in this novel with their own conflicts and story. And, somehow, it makes me lose track of what the story actually focuses on. However, it’s relatable to our life where we inevitably are involved to some people’s life, either those people are new people we know or the old friends we finally bump into again. Hmm talking about new characters, there are two main characters who will later give most impacts on Lou’s life. They are Lily and Sam. Lily is strongly related to Will, while Sam is  someone who will make Lou find herself again. My new fave character from After You is Sam! He is just that typical charming, mature, gentleman and understanding man.

If I should compare After You to MBY, well MBY is somehow still better for me. You may disagree with this, but I found MBY’s story is ‘ripe’. It’s a typical story that can make readers feel more and more curiousity as the story unfolds. So that, the readers will want to just keep reading it until finished. I experienced it myself. I finished MBY in totally 2 or 3 days (I forgot). That broke my record in reading a more than 200-page novel. I didn’t want to put down MBY for a long time. Unfortunately, the same thing didn’t happen with After You. As stated in the beginning, I knew and got this novel in December and only finished it in May. It took 5 months for me to finish it.

However, it was still a nice reading experience. At least, everyone gets their own happy ending here (is this spoiler? hehe). Probably, Jojo Moyes wants to give the readers happy endings she owed in MBY? hehe… To conclude, if I should rate this novel. This will probably be 3 out of 5 stars, while I can give MBY 4,5 stars.

I recommend you to read MBY before you read this novel, that way you can get involved in the story better. However, I guess you still can read this novel as a stand-alone because there are not so much things referred to MBY. Anyway, MBY the movie will be released on 3rd of June! Can’t wait~ hehe hope it isn’t disappointing. ^^

The followings are the covers of this novel. There are some more editions of the cover as far as I know.

Title: After You
Author: Jojo Moyes
Published Date: September 24, 2015