Crafting; my newfound love

I used to mention boring and basic stuffs like sleeping, swimming, reading and eating whenever someone asks me about what I like doing in my leisure time. Although I do love doing those aforementioned activities, no doubt they make me sound tremendously boring.

Good news!

I just figured out a newfound love that can be added to my lame list of hobbies.

It was crafting that I fell in love with.

Crafting is actually not something new I do. I always love making things with my own hands ever since I was a little girl. I suddenly remembered how I used to make my own barbie gowns from whatever pieces of clothes I found at home. I also love doing origami. Creating something using your own hands until you finally can get what you intended it to be is really satisfying. Moreover, when you can make money out of doing it. It seems like you get the best of both worlds.

Thus, I just admitted that crafting is one of my hobbies recently. I even make an instagram account dedicated to my passion towards it (even though I still don’t have sufficient time to create more contents there orz). I might post some tutorials in this blog too sometime in the future.

Crafting can be in many forms, can’t it? I found my interest keeps changing all the time haha. It started with simple things like making paper bags, bookmarks, notebooks, and then bracelets. Just recently, I stumbled upon crochet videos and I fell head over heels with it at the drop of a hat. Yet, until this post was written, I still hold on to my belief that crocheting is not easy as I haven’t even been able to make a simple rectangular cloth from it.

I used to treat crafting as my merely fun activities to kill my leisure or procrastinating time. I didn’t take it seriously until in March, when I decided to sell my charms bracelet in accordance with my fangirl charity project. Although it did not sell that much, but I was so happy when people who bought the bracelets informed me that they love the bracelets. I usually give away my crafting creations to my students or my friends at work. Thus, selling it and having people actually bought it are far cry crom what I’ve ever imagined. It makes me so happy though to think that my bracelets can reach other countries. Yeay! So when will the creator?

That was such a precious experience for me and makes me want to learn it seriously yet in a fun way. I want to try to look for and probably join crafting communities established around my town. Yet, I’m not that social as a person. I’m not good at interacting with new people I meet for the first time. Thus, I feel like getting caught between two stools. Well, for now, I guess it’s still safe and fun to do it on my own way. Who knows in the future? 🙂


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