I ❤ Wonderful Indonesia

Going from one video to another video just to stumble upon another video on YouTube isx” always a favorite thing to do at times like this (fyi, it’s almost 3 a.m. here~ bye sleeping beauty and detoxification time!).

It’s somehow usually unuseful video that I find on YouTube, but not tonight! Starting from watching people’s reaction videos to some Indonesian singers, I end up watching people’s reaction videos to “Wonderful Indonesia” series; official promotional videos showing off the beauty of my country that seem like to be released months ago but was just discovered by me tonight. I failed so much as an Indonesian (what’s new? I’ve already felt so since years ago).

But, really, hats off to the people involved in creating the videos! Watching the videos hits me where it hurts the most. My country is an amazing land! My country is really beautiful! I love my country, I really do! My country, Indonesia, really deserves much better government.

I barely watch tv. I don’t know whether the videos are also (ever) broadcasted on Indonesian national tv stations. But, I really hope government could regularly broadcast those kinds of videos as often as possible on national tv stations. Indonesian people, especially citizen like me (those people who already feel skeptical and hopeless to the current situation of this country), somehow need to be reminded of how much blessings this country has and how much beauty this country offers. Therefore, no reason for not feelimg proud of being a part of it. Therefore, no reason for not looking after this country with what you could do.

I can’t even bring myself to watch all videos. I know I’m gonna tear up, and with how much little time I will have for sleeping, crying is the last and the least option I can afford for my health.

Somehow, I’m glad that I chose to be a teacher. This way, I could, at least, be useful for my students who are Indonesia’s future generation. This way, I could, at least, do something for Indonesia through my job, though I still have long lists of I really wanna do for this country that I haven’t realized yet. May I be given time and opportunity to make them real in the future. Ameen!

I’ll pray hard that this country can be taken care of by people who genuinely love and care about it. I ❤ wonderful Imdonesia!

Amyway, I’m sleepy already. Good night! (will update later).


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