Bad that turns out to be good.

We can’t always have good days, can we?

Well, to be fair, bad days are what define good days for us. Often time, we realize something is good only when we already experienced the bad one beforehand.

However, just because it is bad, it doesn’t mean it will give bad impacts on us. It honestly depends on which perspective we decide to judge. It depends on which impact we will choose to encounter; the good one or the bad one.

Indeed, it is much easier to put an emphasis on the negative impact instead of the positive one. Parallelism; bad things are resulted by bad things. It is so easy to drag yourself down in misery after you go through tough times that, you think, are bad for you. It doesn’t need any effort to let yourself drown in all negativity you unconsciously decide to focus on.

On the other hand, it requires so much effort to focus on the positivity when you yourself firmly believe that you just went thourgh hard and bad times. Well, it’s true that stay being all nice and positive honestly costs us $0. Unfortunately, its direct implementation in daily life isn’t that easy and pain-free. You need constant reminder and commitment to do it. But then again, we are merely mortal creatures with swings of emotion. No matter how mature and strong we are, there will be times when we just want to give up on everything and let the emotion to take over. Well, isn’t doing something good always more difficult that doing something bad?

Back at it again, see! It’s all about our own choice to decide where we want to pay our attention to. We have power to choose it, so why don’t we use a bit more power we have just to feel the positivity?


p.s. This post is my personal reminder.


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