Morning’s reflection


After being abandoned for more than one year, here I am coming back :D. Looking at my pattern, I will usually be active again for writing and blogging in the beginning of the year, like in some first three months. Then you can expect me to disappear again for the rest of the year, haha. Well, it’s May 2016 already. Just let’s see. ^^

Anyway, my brain is kinda getting dull nowadays, so my apology if this first post after one year more of hiatus will just be another kind of ranting and blabbering post.

It’s already morning here in my country, Indonesia. Thus I put morning’s reflection as the title, though this post will be far far away from the word ‘reflection’. But, let it be. It’s not everyday I get up this early, hehe.

So, it was actually started from yesterday’s morning that I start to think seriously about my future again. In fact, I do always think about my future, but in more casual and chill way, like just Que Sera Sera.

Not that I don’t care about it by thinking that way. But, you know, being lectured and advised to get married soon every time I meet people (even with strangers too), being busy with neverending works, and lately, being tested with my degrading health condition make me just wanna be chill about it. Yet, since my works are calmer now, my health is starting to get better though now it’s my teeth’s turn to make some troubles, I’m getting more leisure time and I start to realize that I’m getting old, I want to plan and think about my future more seriously than before. What makes it different from the past time is that, now, it must be followed by real and concrete actions. If it’s not now, then when?

By the way, related to real and concrete actions to achieve our goal, a couple days ago, I read an interesting article about ‘The Doorway Effect’ on BBC website. This article discusses how our brain arranges what becomes our goal and how to achieve it in hierarchy pattern, where the goal is put at the top of it, while actions to achieve the goal are put at the bottom.

The moral I could conclude from the article is the importance of focusing on goal while you do the actions to get it, because even the simplest action you do can make you forget what becomes your goal in the first place. Just like when we experience The Doorway Effect; we plan to, put as an example, take a key in bedroom, so we go to the bedroom to get it, but when we are already in the bedroom, we forget about what to take there. So, taking a key can be categorized as the goal, while going to the bedroom is the action. Even when the action already, let’s say, covers 50% of the goal (the only thing to-do left is looking for the key in the bedroom), we still can go astray from our goal if we don’t keep focusing on the goal. This reminds me to recall what already becomes my goals in life since long time ago, to plan and do the real actions to achieve them and to keep focusing on the goals themselves.

So, what about your goals? Have you done something for it? If not yet, then let’s start it together, from now on. If you have done it, then good job! Keep going and always keep your goals in mind. Good luck for us and I sincerely hope that only better things will happen to us ^^



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