Just start!

Gute Nacht! Lange nicht gesehen!

Hahaha did I even write them correctly? I’m just recalling a very little chunk of my very limited German regardless that I’d learned it for two years. Don’t expect anything guys when I said I had learned German for two years, because I didn’t even capable of introducing my name appropriately in German. All I still remember are only saying greetings, telling my name and mentioning some random numbers. I don’t know which one is wrong; my brain or my brain.But well, learning German and some other foreign languages seriously are still on my long-term to-do list.

Talking about my long-term and short-term to-do lists, there is always this one anxious feeling swallowing me. I don’t know but it’s some kinds of regret or disappointment at myself for being so hard to start doing something while the lists are getting longer and longer.

Unfortunately, being hesitant to start is one of my bad personality traits. I think too much when it comes to starting something. Then, in another time, it’ll be just a coward me who is too tolerable to my lazy-self. I dislike myself for being such person. There are times when I even scold myself to just start doing what I really wish to do.

As a person who really likes reading and watching people’s successful stories, reading motivational books and reading inspirational stories, I often feel so ashamed. One of the messages delivered through those my favorite stories is always the same; just start! and I myself always internalize it. Yet, it takes me foreveeeer to really apply it.

Just start!; two simple words that are easy to write and pronounce yet soooo haaard to do (for a person like me). However, I already challenged myself to make 2015 and the following years ahead more meaningful and memorable by striking my to-do lists through one by one, marking that I am able to defeat my lazy-and-hesitant-self. Of course, that is not an easy task to do for me since being hesitant and over-lazy is already a habit and changing what has become your habit for years definitely needs a huge effort. But, I believe that God created me not for nothing and I can do beyond what I limit myself to.

Well, one month in 2015 already passed and so far, there are already some things on my list that are in the process of being striken through. Just hang on a little bit! Hehe.

Welcome February!

Hoping for more good things to happen!




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