Just another random post about random feeling …

Some people said that you’ll be able to express your own feeling better when you do really feel it. Well, I’m gonna try it tonight. Let’s see whether this note will be published and you – the honorable readers, can read it on my blog. Or, this note will merely end up being drafts and can be never read by anyone, included me.

What should I start with? Since I’m Muslim, my religion teaches me to start everything by saying Basmallah, so I’ll start with Bismillahirohmanirohim πŸ™‚

Emotional storm. Can I say that way? Umm I don’t have any idea to express what I’m encountering right now with a better word. Sorry, but please just accept it for once, hehe.

Yep, emotional storm is the only phrase that pops out of my mind all of sudden when I tried to find a catchy word to express the condition I’ve faced recently. You know, storm. It’s unpredictable. It comes whenever it wants to come without any alerts giving you time to prepare. It just comes suddenly, and mostly it comes in the wrong time. And now, the storm is only getting worse when it plays with your emotion and it happens inside yourself.

Recently, I’m in an unstable emotional condition. It’s just extremely easy to change in any minutes. I can feel so happy at once, but then in the next few minutes I can feel soooo sad that I wanna cry for even small and trivial matters. In the other times I’ll just feel annoyed. And, the worse thing is that I can be in bad mood right after I open my eyes, for no reason.

You might think that what happens to me is obviously normal and it’s very human, since we are naturally gifted with feelings. But, trust me, if the moods or the feeling changing happens so many times in a day, it only leads you to a confusion and you’ll just end up being so stressful. Yep, at least that what I’ve experienced for these couple weeks.

I know that it might be triggered by so many factors, either external or internal factors, artificial or natural factors.

I’m in my last year of my university life, and now I’m working on my paper. That’s probably one of those factors influencing what I feel now. Inevitably, stress often rises whenever I feel stuck with the paper. However, I don’t know that working on your very last duty as a student can be very this tiring both mentally and physically.

I’ll just hope that I can cope with all these matters as soon as possible. I’ve tried so many things to ‘heal’ this emotional storm. I’ve even started planting plants.

Being more religious is a must to do, and I’m trying to work on that, yet the process is not as easy as it seems. However, still I face the storm. Hope, it’ll fade away soon.

My honorable readers, if you have any comments or even suggestions for my problems, feel free to leave your opinions πŸ™‚ I’ll look forward to it.
So sorry for this random post, but it’s so human, right? πŸ˜‰
and my apology above ends this post, thanks for reading and nite nite everyone ~~


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