This is supposed to be my silly resolution but…

I’m not listing my resolutions for this year yet. In fact, it’s been the 23rd day of January, which means it will be too late to list my resolutions and to gain my new year’s spirit (in my view at least). But, this is very not me, if I don’t know yet what will be my new resolutions. It’s just a matter of time. I’m just too busy to write them down or let’s be honest; I’m too lazy to list them down. 😀

Well, since I know already what will be my resolutions, I won’t list them down temporarily up to this time. However, since I referred to one of those resolutions as the silly one, I wanna tell you about this ridiculous one. Well, the resolution referred is having a boyfriend (or let’s say a future-life-partner).

Actually, I had discussed this resolution with Dimas couple days ago and he said that it is not silly (in fact it embarrasses me to tell him about this one). I don’t know where did I get an enlightenment for including the want-to-have-a-future-life-partner resolution to be one of my resolutions, which means that I need effort to make it real and happened. I can be classified as a not-really-charming woman who is not really interesting in doing several tricks to get somebody’s attention. I am also a not-really-friendly woman who is easily getting involved in certain new situation, new people, and the other new things. Regarding those facts, it seems so hard for me to get a man that I want, or even to get a man that I don’t really like for sure. In love business, I can be called as a passive player. I don’t wanna break the norm when a woman is ideally being attracted by a man and not the reverse. So, I just wanna wait for someone that has enough bravery to get my intention because I still believe in God. I have God and I have faith upon Him that He will always give me something that I need in the right time that may not be predicted by me and myself before. Since life-partner is one of my destinies decided by Him, I just wanna wait until the time arranged by Him comes. That’s a good principle, isn’t it? 🙂

I’m quite busy since couple months ago, so actually I don’t have enough time to think something unnecessary like this one. But recently, my university give me a break for several next days before entering the new semester and there’s no a large number of things that I have to finish off, so I have plenty of spare time.
Then you know what I’m doing to spend the spare time, I watch many Korean dramas that show me a beautiful and a want-to-get-that-one love story. It makes me more ridiculous and complicated because I wanna meet my future life partner in those beautiful and unique ways. I know this will happen. As usual, when I have plenty of spare time, I will go mad and think some foolish things and innocently I will hope that such foolish things will be real. As if, one day, I will meet a handsome, rich, fashionable, manly, brawny man incidentally and the man will like me from the first sight, but foolishly I will hate him so much because one and another unreasonable reasons (in fact, when I meet that kind of man, I even can’t think about anything else except feeling so grateful for having a chance to stare at that creation). Then, in the next episodes after that incidental-but-merciful accident, there will come a man that loves me secretly and also there will appear another woman that will be depicted as a more-beautiful-than-me lady who comes from a high-class of society who has special childhood relationship with the guy that I foolishly hate. So, there will be a square-love among us. But, finally, I will fall in love with the guy that I hate previously and so does he. And at the end of the drama, I will live happily ever after. Amiiiiiiiin.

What a drama! What a life! What a dream! What a resolution! What a me!


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