A piece of cake of today!

One of big days in my religion is on its way for welcoming me!
Umm…In my religion, it is called as ‘Iedul Fitri’, but in my cuture, I often call it as ‘Lebaran’.
I have no idea about the culture history of ‘Lebaran’ word.
One thing which I know well is that Lebaran is a happy day, as comforting as an independence day for a nation.
Lebaran means new dresses, new shoes, ‘ketupat’, and the other stuffs related to it.
But, that kind of paradigm doesn’t suit me any longer!
I mean, hey. look at me; I’ll be 20 in some next days, I’m an orphan, and I have to be mature now!
So, I don’t find if it’s necessary for asking something silly and childish like that.
You know, my mind-set has been changed by time.
In the past, I don’t really like Ramadhan actually. You know what kids like me think about it.
Ramadhan; you have to wake up in a very early morning (before the dawn exactly), then you can’t eat anything in the day-time, then you finally only can eat in twilight. Sleepy, hungry, exhausted, starving, boring and anything else will come up into your mind regularly. Such things make me want to meet Lebaran soon, at that time.
But now, when I hear that Ramadhan went and Syawal will come, It’s like two sides of coin; one side you feel happy, then the other side you feel sad.
I’m happy because Syawal will come, but I’m sad also.
It becomes sad when there is neither a mother nor father to be apologized, it becomes sad when I feel that I don’t do anything best in Ramdhan month, it becomes sad when I realize that I don’t know for sure whether I can meet this holy month again or not next year, and it becomes sad when I’ll go to the cemetery of both my parents.

Well, actually what I wanna share here is neither about my ‘Lebaran’ nor my feeling toward it.
It’s about one word; MATURITY!
I guess that many people know it so well; What is maturity? What are the characteristics of being mature? and many kinds of that thing.
However, I believe that they don’t really aware of applying it in their life.
They proudly say; Hey, I’m MATURE!
But they actually don’t have any idea of being mature.
I don’t say that I’m the truly mature. NO! I often act childish.
However, I realize and know myself well. Insya Allah, I can differs which is wrong and which is right,
Yaa, even though sometimes I drawn myself in a confusion-flood between the right and the wrong.
Aaaa, I think this note has to end here.

You know, I don’t wanna make any reference to anybody. I don’t wanna insult somebody.
Just one to say, don’t be a mature if you don’t know what maturity is.


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