So, LET’S make a CHOICE!

Have you ever feel confused when you’ve to make a decision for one or another thing? Or might it happen for every single day in your life? Well, that’s such a tired game, isn’t it?

Just think deeply, how many choices that you’d taken as long as you live? hundreds? thousands? I guess it would be uncountable, correct me if you mind with my assumption but I’m sure that my assumption almost true. 😀

Just think logically, starting from your waking up in the morning to your sleeping in the night, your life is fulfilled with thousands of choice that you make, no matter you realize it or not. Even, your decision to wake up in the morning is the first choice that you make. So, I guess it’s not wrong if I illustrate life as a bucket of choices’ cables which are related and associated each other.

I often be irritated when there’s someone who says; “Well, there’s no choice for my problem. This is the only one way to solve it.”. Doesn’t she or he think that there always be at least two choices for every problem. When you think there’s only one choice to solve your problem, two choices are coming up around you actually. Those choices are; YES, you take that choice or NO, you won’t take that choice.

One thing which has to be considered well is that every decision or every choice has its own risks. Then, those risks have to be accepted as well as you choose that choice. If you don’t want to take risks in your life, just don’t be alive then! Haha

So, let’s make a wise choice for your better life, DUDES!


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