“Don’t blame someone for making you disappointed, but blame yourself because you are expecting too much from that person.”

Thinking about life and its stuffs is one thing which takes time very much. Life is something that goes dynamically. It will be never static; everything and everyone inside can change easily. There is no theory can break that reality I think. But often, saying something is easier than doing it. So, as an ordinary human, it is not an easy thing to accept that statement. It needs a big big understanding.

so, what is your choice? it’s in your hand.


2 comments on “BRAINSTORMING

  1. parkyoohee says:

    nice brainstorming..^^
    it is help me to understand why people so differ from me..

  2. hadianist says:

    Just remember that every single person is unique. We were born differently, each person has his or her characteristic that has to be understood by people surroundings. 🙂

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