Life isn’t that simple!! Isn’t it??

For the first time in my life, I feel that my life seems very exhausting.
Does it seem hyperbole?
But, that is true! I just think that it’s hard to be me.

It’s not usual for me to (let’s say) make complains.
In my regular days, I prefer to be a patient person who always sees and considers that my days are so beautiful that I have to be happy always. Thinking that there is no reason for complaining because life is wonderful, life is amazing, life is a miracle, and so on.

But, I can’t see, I can’t feel it today!
I’m feed up of those kinds of thoughts. It’s really tiring to be me.
Really exhausted.

Having a lot of dreams doesn’t mean that I’m strong enough to reach them.
But, it means that I have to have an extra power to realize them.
An extra power that is more powerful than the others’ need.
It means that I have to do lots of efforts.
I’m not that strong!
I’m an ordinary woman!
I can cry! I can be very weak! I can’t smile for every breathe that I take.

Life isn’t that simple!
Life can be very hurt!
Life is a hard struggle!
I’m weak to face them today!
I’m not ready to be involved in that hard struggle!
I’m exhausted!
I’m weary!

GOD, sorry for this complain.


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