…because everything happens for a reason.

“Everything happens for a reason.”

That sentence always be on my mind when something happens to me, whether that thing is good or the reverse.
In other words, that sentence can be said as my trick of thought to overcome my sad feeling. Is that so? May be.

Well, last Friday I got a good news relating to something that can’t be published right now. However, that good news suddenly becomes not really good today. I’m going to be insane for that kind of news. I’m not ready yet actually. There are many questions and fears appear on my mind.

The main point here is that my struggle seems very hard and difficult to be faced up. But, this is my choice.
I did it with my passion and God already gives me that miracle; being selected from the rest.
Now, my duty is overcoming my anxiety, preparing my self for tomorrow, then don’t forget to be my self always.

What I got last Friday is signing something that will be appearing in the future. After all, I know that God haves a nice purpose for me. In my story system, a lot of exiting things had been arranged so well.
Then I believe that everything happens for a reason!

wish me luck guys 🙂


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