Imagery; one more thing which is deserved to be said as a miracle

First of all, I want to say thanks for my inspiring lecturer and inspiring subject that had opened my mind broadly. Was it so? Yes, of course. They worked in many ways :). So, what kind of subject that I’m telling you about? Well, I got an ‘Exploring Poetry’ class this morning. One spooky subject for those who don’t like poetry in many ways (including me).

However, that was my earliest thought before joining this interesting class. Actually, no wonder if I had that kind of paradigm because I’m majoring English Education not English Literature, so I am focused to think about education sector for most of my time. Since then, I didn’t really put any interest on literary work but my interest is appearing one by one through this subject. I can see the beauty of poetry through its meaning, its message delivered toward readers, its riddle (poetry is a riddle for me? yes, when I’ve to read one poetry thousand times to comprehend its meaning correctly) and etc.

This morning’s topic was “IMAGERY“. Then, one poem discussed in the class was a poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning entitled ‘Sonnets from the Portuguese number 14‘. A nice poem that can touch many people’s feelings about love (I specify these people as my classmates). While a lot of my classmates admired this poem which was talking about no-reason love, I prefer to highlight the main topic of this subject today, that was “IMAGERY”.

Is imagery really special? For me, YES! It is special. I can say that imagery is one of miracles which God gave to us since we were created. Imagine if we don’t have imagery when we see something, we hear something, we touch something, we read something and when we smell something. Will our life be precious?
Without imagery, I can imagine how flat our life to be, then it will become so empty and vain. My lecturer gave an example of how imagery is created by music. While people were so serious to think or fantasize their own imagery based on the music played by my lecturer, I was smiling and seeing something valuable from this activity. Creating imagery is the most usual activity in our daily especially for me, but I just understand that it is an enjoyable and pleasing activity. It can make me happy, It can make me feel a beauty unconsciously but it depends on what kind of trigger making us want to do that. But, the main message that I wanna give you through this posting is;

‘be a thankful person if you still can imagine and build the imagery on your mind, because as I wrote in the title of this posting that imagery is one more thing that is deserved to be said as a miracle’.


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